Albert slips and screams into life in Middlesbrough, a small industrial town in England, in 1876. His early poverty feeds a determination to grab a different, better life. At the age of seven he immigrates to New Zealand with his family, full of dreams yet to be challenged by the reality of life in the new country. As he grows into a man, Albert struggles to break free from familial ignorance so he can gain wealth for himself and his family - but he finds himself seduced by the Boer War and fighting for England. On his return to New Zealand a damaged Albert once again needs to invent his future. Albert’s story follows a path of poverty, opportunity, loss, friendship and betrayal.

From the Bottom of the Well is a unique and captivating novel that crosses continents and societal layers to come to a gripping conclusion.

About the author

Barbara Carr has lived in Te Tai Tokerau (Northland New Zealand) for 20 years. She has loved writing since her childhood and as an adult has won awards for her short stories. With a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and History, Barbara is interested in how the past echoes through time. She is a humanist and an environmentalist.